Can I Fix My Steps without Replacing Them?

Can I Fix My Steps without Replacing Them?

Concrete surfaces have a tendency to settle over time. When they do, the settling can create an even surface due to separate pieces of concrete settling at different rates. This sort of thing can happen even with concrete steps. The question is whether or not you can fix sunken steps without replacing them. In a word, yes.

Step leveling is a cost-effective and easy way to fix sinking steps without having to fully replace them. It is an especially attractive option for people whose steps show no other signs of wear or distress. If your concrete steps are sinking, you’ll be happy to know that we offer fast and safe leveling service throughout Fort Worth TX.

Why Your Steps Are Sinking

Sinking steps are a cause of concern just for the fact that they create a trip and fall hazard. But why do they sink? There are any number of reasons, beginning with poor soil conditions. Soil expands and contracts over time based on moisture content. When soil is too elastic, heavy concrete will sink.

Your steps might be sinking because of poor soil compaction. You might be witnessing the effects of poor drainage that doesn’t allow the soil to properly disperse water. The problem might even be caused by tree roots that are taking too much water out of the soil.

The easiest solution to all of these possible causes is step leveling using a polyurethane foam. Leveling your steps does more than simply return them to their original position. It also fills in the cavities underneath your steps. Filling those cavities with polyurethane foam reduces the likelihood that future problems will occur.

It Is Fast and Easy

Replacing concrete steps entirely can take several days. The old steps have to be demolished and removed first. Next, the ground must be prepared and a form erected on the pour site. Finally, the concrete is poured and allowed to set. It could be days before you can use your steps again.

Step leveling is much quicker. A typical job can be completed in just a few hours. The process starts with drilling holes in the concrete at strategic locations we chose after analyzing where the sinking is occurring. We then prepare the soil underneath before inserting tubes into the drill holes. Finally, we pump polyurethane foam into the open space under the steps. We seal the holes with new concrete and the job is done.

The beauty of this process is that it takes advantage of the weight of the concrete to force polyurethane foam into all of the cavities underneath. Only when all of those cavities are filled do the steps begin rising. We continue adding foam until they are once again in the correct position. Upon completion, you can immediately start using your steps again.

We level all sorts of concrete surfaces throughout the Fort Worth TX area. If your concrete steps are sinking, you don’t have to replace them to fix them. Level your steps instead.

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