Improve pool safety today, fix those trip hazards

Improve pool safety today, fix those trip hazards

When you unveil a new pool and deck you will be filled with pride as you survey a stunningly level concrete deck and your pristine blue water. Fast forward a couple of years and you will probably be feeling a little less filled with pride as your concrete deck will be looking a little worse for wear. Not only will you wish to have a more effective look for your pool, but you will want to avoid the exorbitant cost of replacing your entire pool deck in TX.


Let’s start at the beginning with the problems you may see with your pool deck you may think the only fix available to you is an expensive replacement of your pool deck from an expensive TX construction company. Pool deck raising is the less expensive option you should be looking at to make sure your Texas pool is not a tripping hazard. Our unique way of raising your pool deck will amaze you with its simplicity and the fact it will give you the chance to save between 50 and 70 percent on replacing the entire concrete pad and deck.


You may wonder why you need to replace your pool deck and the answer is a simple one, you do not want to be held liable for any trip, fall, or slip your friends and family have on your property. If you are managing a commercial pool the implications of failing to maintain your pool deck area could be even more difficult to cope with as you could be the subject of an expensive lawsuit. By making sure your pool deck is always safe and ready for use you will have fulfilled your obligation to those using a residential or commercial pool in an inexpensive and efficient way.


The process of pool deck raising Flower Mound, TX residents are growing to know, and love is a simple one and takes less time than the traditional need to tear out a concrete pool deck before replacing it. The process uses a polyurethane foam injected dir3ectly into the damaged concrete deck which raises the entire concrete area and fills any gaps that may have already formed.


Although the residents of Flower Mound and the surrounding areas are enjoying the benefits of raising sunken pool decks you can also work with Simply Level to repair and raise other concrete areas. For example, a concrete driveway can be repaired and raised in a short space of time to protect your home and vehicles from damage and the potential hazards of tripping caused by a damaged piece of concrete.

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What Is Concrete Poly Leveling?

What Is Concrete Poly Leveling?

Take a look outside the front window right now. Without you even noticing, your home or company driveway has started to buckle after years of wear and tear. It might seem like this isn’t an issue; after all, who doesn’t have weeds sprouting out of the cracks in their sidewalk or driveway? However, this problem is even more insidious than most realize: unleveled concrete poses a serious risk for families and businesses beyond just appearing unsightly. When this type of issue doesn’t get addressed, you could be dealing with much more expensive repairs down the line or paying thousands to remedy a worker’s tripping injury.


Fortunately, there’s an alternative to completely stripping your driveway when the cement starts buckling. Concrete poly-leveling is a painless process that can leave the ground completely even in a matter of hours without costing an arm and a leg. So, how does it work?


First, small holes are drilled into areas where the concrete has sunk. After the ground is primed, a lightweight substance dubbed polyurethane foam is inserted through the drill-sites which creates a raised buffer between the cement and soil-eroded ground. When the concrete slab is lifted back to its original position, the injections are carefully filled and the area is ready for normal use after ten minutes of setting, appearing just as if the slabs were newly laid.


Traditional methods of repairing uneven ground, such as mudjacking, can often merely replicate the original problem. Instead of pouring more hefty concrete over cracks which leaves the soil increasingly susceptible to compression, injecting polyurethane has the added advantage of being so light that it’s barely there. The foam, weighing merely two pounds per cubic foot, chemically expands after it is pushed beneath the cement.


Once it’s nestled under the bed of concrete, poly-leveling can last indefinitely, unlike the older method of mud-jacking which starts to deteriorate after three to five years of weathering. Polyurethane is a totally inorganic substance not subject to water intrusion, changing weather conditions, or seepage.


Poly leveling has rapidly become a less disruptive process than throwing heavy mud-like slurry at the problem or completely stripping the ground. With effortless and enduring results, this method nips the dangerous issue of rocky terrain in the bud much more quickly than historic solutions. Don’t let the seemingly innocuous condition of unleveled concrete cost you in property resale value, structural issues, or personal injury.

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Can’t get into your garage?

Can’t get into your garage?

We provide services for sidewalk and driveway repair Fort Worth, TX, and also in most of the North Dallas area. Some of our customers had been blocked from safely driving into his or her garage because the slab of concrete for the driveway had sunk into the soil. The problem can be confusing for a customer, but the primary cause in Texas is usually from water that has drained away from the soil, which had then caused the soil to have a much smaller volume without the water in the soil.

Factors that Affect the Moisture Content in Soil

Several factors can affect the soil that is under a slab of concrete for a driveway. The water in the soil could drain away and could also gradually carry some of the soil away through an erosion process. The slab of concrete would protect the soil from rainwater, which could eventually cause the soil to become very dry. The soil would eventually shrink in volume without the additional volume from some rainwater in the soil. Other factors can include problems from a small earthquake, which could cause the soil to move under the concrete slab.

Estimates for Driveway Repair Services

When you hire our professional technicians, you will receive an accurate estimate for the costs of the repair services and will also receive thorough information about the procedures. We use polyurethane foam to raise the concrete slab for your driveway back to the original level for the driveway. The procedure is much less expensive than replacing the original slab of concrete for the driveway.

Convenient Access to Your Garage

With our repair services, you would again have convenient access to your garage and could quickly return to your normal daily routine. We understand the importance of a driveway for our customers and do offer professional services that are designed to quickly control the problem. The polyurethane foam will be used to quickly raise the slab of concrete without causing any harm to the environment.

Costs for the Repair Services

Some of our customers are initially very concerned about the costs for the repair services because there can be high costs for replacing a driveway. The repair services with the polyurethane foam are much less expensive than replacing a driveway because we only use the polyurethane foam to raise the slab of concrete. Our professional technicians will thoroughly explain the procedures to you and will also give you some information to help you to understand the various factors that could have caused the problem.

Customer Satisfaction

With an estimate for the costs for the repair services, you will have more information to help you to make a decision about resolving the problem. We place a top priority on customer satisfaction and want to ensure that each customer will be pleased with the quality of our services. You can rely on our professional services for our customers who require sidewalk and driveway repair Fort Worth, TX, and also in the North Dallas area.

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How can Strictly Level help with my pool deck?

How can Strictly Level help with my pool deck?

Summer is here and it is time to get in the pool. As you walk around that pool you see that the concrete has sunk down and the pool deck is no longer level. There is now a trip hazard right next to the pool and this could be a major issue for you as a home owner.

What are my options?

Let every one know that you may trip when running around the pool.

This is a risk because you will be responsible if someone falls and hurts them self.

Call a concrete company.

Call a concrete company and get a quote to replace the concrete around my pool?
This is going to be expensive and it is going to put your pool out of commission for the summer most likely.

Call Strictly level.

Don’t replace it let us fix it for you. We use Polyurethane foam to raise the sunken concrete and level out your pool deck. Its not complicated, we drill small holes at strategic points in the concrete surface and polyurethane foam is pressure-introduced using an injection gun to the underside of the sunken concrete section. The soft foam is equally distributed throughout air pockets and loose soil is compressed. The expanding foam will gently lift the concrete slab to precisely match the edge of the adjoining section.

You don’t need to replace anything Strictly Level can fix it for you.

Don’t bust up huge chunks of concrete and haul it away and then have a concrete company replace it. Contact us today!

How can polyurethane foam raise concrete?

How can polyurethane foam raise concrete?

Sinking slabs of concrete which create uneven walkways do not have to be the time-consuming and costly challenge of days past.

The radical solution formerly was to bust up huge chunks of concrete and haul it away– an expensive proposition.

Today’s next-generation technology of high-density polyurethane foam has become the remedy of choice for personal residences, public parks, and municipal airports. Cities are delighted at spending less money. It is a true public service.

At your home, there can be many hazardous situations of uneven concrete that need to be corrected for the safety of your family. These may include your driveway, sidewalk, poolside, patio, and garden. Multiple smaller concrete jobs may be completed on the same day. Ask your qualified installer for time estimates.

You do not need to delay this important home maintenance decision due to fear of cost. Polyurethane foam is far more cost-effective than pouring fresh concrete. It is lightweight and waterproof. Cure time is short and will cause only minimal disruption to your everyday living routine.

The installation methods are not complicated. Small holes are drilled at strategic points in the concrete surface and polyurethane foam is pressure-introduced using an injection gun to the underside of the sunken concrete section. The soft foam is equally distributed throughout air pockets and loose soil is compressed.

The expansion of the foam will gently lift the concrete slab to precisely match the edge of the adjoining section. Installers are professionally trained to know exactly when this level is achieved. Since the foam is not exposed to sunlight, it will not lose its density or strength.

This state-of-the-art concrete repair revolution is serving American communities very well in many ways.

Airport runways are critical to public safety. Permanent repair solutions are readily provided using foam. It is more than a temporary patch.

Family-friendly public parks, where children frequently run ahead, must maintain perfectly level walkways and bike paths.

You are very likely driving or walking over foam-supported concrete frequently. The growing popularity of the foam repair method has a less industrial feel to it and a more hometown ambiance. It is personal and individual. Your installer is happy to chat and answer questions. Lawns are not dug up for weeks at a time. Inconvenient detours are not necessary on your local streets.

An important part of concrete repair is the prevention of future repeat. Ask your installer to review your terrain and isolate original causes of concrete instability. Water seepage is a frequent culprit.

Your property may have a slope that creates severe runoff during downpours. Home guttering and downspouts that channel rain toward concrete beds are not thought about during dry weather. Overflow and splash from an above-ground pool contribute water during several summer months. So do lawn sprinklers.

Visually spot voids under concrete that has not yet settled. Fill the void and stay one step ahead of potential problems.

A thorough inspection of your property and appropriate corrective action will make your concrete repair a one-time event.

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