Concrete Can Sink and Become Unsightly!

Concrete Can Sink and Become Unsightly!

Sinking or sunken concrete can be unsightly and unsafe. Conventionally, the concrete would need “tearing out” and replaced. This requires much time and money. A different approach to raising concrete requires less time and is less expensive. Known as the “Poly Level Technique,” this can be completed in around one hour.

There are several reasons for concrete to settle. The first is poor soil conditions. Highly clay soils grow and shrink depending upon moisture content. This can happen because of heavy rains, plumbing leaks, melting snow, or other moisture sources. Second, poor compaction under the concrete will allow the concrete to settle. Next, growing tree roots can “take in” water/moisture. If these roots are near concrete, they can use the water supply so much that the soil will settle. Last, improper drainage around and under the concrete can cause moisture to pool and concrete to settle. A badly positioned downspout can also cause this pooling of moisture.

Concrete Raising and leveling applications can be used successfully for many sinking or already settled concrete problems. These applications include interior floor slabs, swimming pool applications, patios and landings, sunrooms, driveways, parking areas, and airport runways. For leveling concrete, there are many advantages of lifting versus replacement. They include: lifting costs less, has quicker installation time, needs less clean up, the material is environmentally friendly, filling and lifting can prevent erosion and further damage, and improves safety (trip hazards, personal injury, and/or lawsuits).

Concrete Raising and leveling is straightforward. First, injection holes are drilled in strategic places around the concrete. Next, the polyurethane foam is inserted into the drilled holes. This insertion will fill the space beneath the concrete slab. The original concrete slab drives the foam where it needs to go. This (along with a chemical reaction) raises the concrete to its correct level. Then, after completion, the holes are filled with new cement. This allows you to use the surface immediately. This “filler” will not lose its density and is permanent. It will not lose its shape and size.

This Poly Level Technique has more advantages. These advantages include a high-strength versus weight ratio, better lifting capability, excellent dimensional stability (the shape will not change over time), and soil strengthening capability. When injected into the sinking concrete, it expands downward, compacting the soil. This can stabilize the soil, aid with erosion control, and increase stability and weight-bearing values.

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