Concrete Leveling and What Causes Concrete to Sink

Concrete Leveling and What Causes Concrete to Sink

When it comes to needing to do something about your sidewalk, most people tend to only think about completely breaking it up and replacing it. What most homeowners don’t know is that for one, completely replacing a sidewalk can be very expensive, and two, it is very hard to do. So, you are probably wondering if there is anything that you can do other than just tolerate tripping over the uneven areas. There is! It requires something known as Polyurethane Foam to raise a sidewalk.


After you have decided to raise your sidewalk instead of replacing the whole thing, you will need to call in the experts. This is for several reasons. One, the polyurethane foam is not normally found in your everyday hardware stores. And the professionals can make sure that the job gets done right the first time. Companies like Strictly Level, assist the homeowner by giving them giving free estimates to see if raising their concrete really would be the better option (yes sometimes completely replacing the concrete is the only option you might have.)


Now before you just call and have someone come out and level your concrete, you might want to have a rough idea on how they do it. There are a few steps that need to be done to make sure everything is done right. You will need to take into consideration that from start to finish, the project will take up to 2 hours. Step 1: injection holes are drilled in specific places around the areas that the concrete requires lifting. Step 2: after everything is prepped and the materials and hose are in place, the foam is then injected through the holes. This fills the space under the concrete and uses the concrete itself to drive the foam in the crevices. This then lifts the concrete slab back to the correct level. Step 3: after the leveling is completed, the holes are then filled with new cement discretely. This allows you to use your concrete surface immediately.


Most people do not know what would even cause the concrete to start to sink in the first place. To be honest it can be a multitude of things that would cause concrete to sink. One thing that could cause it is poor soil conditions. If your soil is rich in clay, then chances are it has an elastic consistency. This means that they expand and contract depending on the moisture content. When the soils become soaked in water the clay will expand and lose its strength which allows the concrete to sink. Tree Roots are another possible cause for sinking concrete. Both trees and large shrubs can consume up to 30 gallons of water every day. If they are located near concrete, then the water loss in the soil with cause it to contract and thus can cause the concrete slabs to settle. There are several other factors that can cause your concrete to sink but these are the main 2.

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