Don’t Replace Your Sidewalk, Raise It!

Don’t Replace Your Sidewalk, Raise It!

As a child you likely saw cracked concrete and sinking asphalt as naturally occurring bike ramps, of course the innocence of your childhood mind did not comprehend the damage, cost, and other problems arising from these dilapidated pieces of sidewalk. The truth is when concrete begins to break up there was little that could be done to repair it short of breaking it up and repairing it with new mud.

Enter Strictly Level and a revolutionary approach to sidewalk repair. Originating in Flower Mound TX and serving the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Strictly Level saves you money and headaches by raising that sinking concrete of your driveway, patio, steps, sidewalks, and more.

The process is relatively simple as described in four steps; Drill, Pump, Patch Enjoy.

Step 1: Drill. By drilling a small hole through the slab a tapered delivery port can be

Step 2: Pump. An injection gun, connected to the port, delivers polyurethane through
the slab.

Step 3: Patch. The holes created by the delivery port are patched.

Step 4: Enjoy. Call your friends and host a party!

The secret to concrete raising is the polyurethane foam injected underneath the slab. Polyurethane is a polymer, that is to say it is a substance with a primary molecular structure consisting of many similar units bonded together. Specifically, polyurethane is comprised of multiple organic structures joined together by carbamate (urethane. Polyurethanes fall into two general categories; thermosetting and thermoplastics. Due to the regular and excessive heat in Flower Mound TX, and honestly all of Texas as well, thermoplastics are not used by Strictly Level as they can melt when heated. Thermosetting polyurethanes however do not melt when heated and are therefore the perfect polymer for this application.

Our polyurethanes are formed by mixing the organic molecules with the carbamate, as a result a chemical reaction is induced causing the newly formed polyurethane to expand. Because this expansion occurs underneath your driveway or sidewalk it effectively raises the troubled pieces of concrete up to level them with the surrounding area.

Sidewalk repair can be costly and the truth of the matter is the longer you wait the worse the problem becomes and therefore the more it will cost to fix. Concrete settles for a variety of reasons, but all of them perpetuate over time. Tree roots, poor soil conditions and compaction, and poor drainage are the most common causes of breaking and sinking concrete.

As you likely know, all of the above problems and many more can often be classified as severe problems here in Texas, so why wait any longer? Give Strictly Level a call today to receive a free estimate or browse the web at to learn more about the cause of your own concrete concerns and why Strictly Level’s polyurethane foam raising and leveling is the best choice for you. Don’t wait until it is too late and you find yourself behind sinking and paying way too much time and money to fix this simple problem.