Improve pool safety today, fix those trip hazards

Improve pool safety today, fix those trip hazards

When you unveil a new pool and deck you will be filled with pride as you survey a stunningly level concrete deck and your pristine blue water. Fast forward a couple of years and you will probably be feeling a little less filled with pride as your concrete deck will be looking a little worse for wear. Not only will you wish to have a more effective look for your pool, but you will want to avoid the exorbitant cost of replacing your entire pool deck in TX.


Let’s start at the beginning with the problems you may see with your pool deck you may think the only fix available to you is an expensive replacement of your pool deck from an expensive TX construction company. Pool deck raising is the less expensive option you should be looking at to make sure your Texas pool is not a tripping hazard. Our unique way of raising your pool deck will amaze you with its simplicity and the fact it will give you the chance to save between 50 and 70 percent on replacing the entire concrete pad and deck.


You may wonder why you need to replace your pool deck and the answer is a simple one, you do not want to be held liable for any trip, fall, or slip your friends and family have on your property. If you are managing a commercial pool the implications of failing to maintain your pool deck area could be even more difficult to cope with as you could be the subject of an expensive lawsuit. By making sure your pool deck is always safe and ready for use you will have fulfilled your obligation to those using a residential or commercial pool in an inexpensive and efficient way.


The process of pool deck raising Flower Mound, TX residents are growing to know, and love is a simple one and takes less time than the traditional need to tear out a concrete pool deck before replacing it. The process uses a polyurethane foam injected dir3ectly into the damaged concrete deck which raises the entire concrete area and fills any gaps that may have already formed.


Although the residents of Flower Mound and the surrounding areas are enjoying the benefits of raising sunken pool decks you can also work with Simply Level to repair and raise other concrete areas. For example, a concrete driveway can be repaired and raised in a short space of time to protect your home and vehicles from damage and the potential hazards of tripping caused by a damaged piece of concrete.

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