Patios Sinking?

Patios Sinking?

Reasons Why Concrete Patios Sink Over Time

There are several reasons why concrete begins to sink over time. The main reason is because concrete is heavy. Concrete begins to sink when the soil under the concrete can no longer support it’s weight. Areas that are not supported by soil may start to crack causing the concrete to sink if the concrete is partially supported by soil and other areas are not.

Main Reasons Why Outdoor Concrete Begins to Crack and Sink

Depending on the type of soil, will determine the load capacity. Soil begins to settle and compact when the capacity of the soil is exceeded. Naturally, soil can compact and settle on its own over time, sometimes as little as under a year. Soil will shrink substantially if it becomes dry or contains large amounts of a clay because clay can become elastic. Soils rich in clay can contract and expand with moisture. Clay loses strength and becomes elastic from being in contact with water causing the concrete to sink. The types of moisture that can cause this type of damage are leaks from plumbing, snow melting, or heavy rain. Soil may become washed away which may be supporting concrete if water begins to move underneath the concrete causing voids, or empty spaces underneath the concrete. Concrete will begin to sink and crack in several spots if the soil is compacted underneath the concrete. Soil may not be able to provide adequate support of concrete under concrete steps, driveways, or patios. This causes concrete to begin to sink overtime with nothing underneath to support it. Poor drainage causes instability in soil allowing concrete to settle by creating saturated areas in the soil. Improper compaction of soil can also cause damage in concrete. Most homes are built on soils that are backfilled. Backfill will compact slowly and evenly if the soil is not compacted properly allowing the concrete to begin to settle. Tree roots and large shrubs intake over 30 gallons of water daily. Concrete scan settle if water loss happens in the soil causing the soil to contract near the concrete. Homeowner should never make the mistake I’m allowing the issue to worsen over time as it will cause the cost of replacing the concrete to double as well as put your home at risk. Patio leveling Flower Mound TX can provide a fast solution to your concrete leveling issues through the process up polyurethane concrete raising.

What Is the Process of Polyurethane Concrete Raising

Patio leveling  uses the process of injecting foam material under concrete is called polyurethane Concrete raising. A reaction occurs when specific materials are mixed causing the expansion of the material. The foam then raises the concrete, feeling the areas with expanded foam. The process is permanent only weighing about 2 lb per cubic foot and will never lose its density making it the perfect solution.

We provide quick free estimates on concrete leveling or replacement when we are called out to assist our clients assuring that their concrete is properly aligned saving them time in money. We raise concrete through the process of using polyurethane foam which is much faster as well as inexpensive compared to other alternatives. Your concrete may be used immediately after completion which usually takes between 1 to 2 hours from beginning to end.

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