Someone could trip don’t let it be your fault?

Someone could trip don’t let it be your fault?

How you can avoid becoming the latest trip hazard casualty. Sometimes life happens. Unfortunately, you cannot always control what happens to someone else, especially when it is on your property. Unlevel concrete can be a significant hazard for both homeowners and business owners.  That is where we come in. We are Strictly Level! We are here to talk about what you need to know should some slip on your property and fall.


Trip Hazards:

Uneven sidewalks, steps, patios garages and walkways are all tripping hazards that can end up costing an owner physical harm, or thousands of dollars if someone else is injured on property. What do some of these hazards look like?

  • Sunken or buckled concrete walkways or sidewalks
  • Cracked or sunken pool decks
  • Cracked or sunken concrete steps
  • Garage floor cracks


Time to paint a scenario. You are needing some work done on your property and the concrete is a little unleveled. Unleveled concrete sounds like common sense issue to you to be careful, but maybe not to everyone else. You see someone walking by your property. He or she knows the concrete is unleveled, but they still carry on normally. The person slips and falls right on your property.


Whose fault is it?:


According to various legal associates, the person who falls will try to blame it on you. Although, they knew the concrete was unlevel just by a quick visual inspection. The person could try to place blame on the idea that you could have taken care of the problem before today. The bottom line is, concrete that is uneven is dangerous, and should be repaired.


Reasons to fix your unlevel concrete:


Unfortunately, many home and business owners feel they can fix these issues on their own but correcting these hazards should always be left to a concrete repair professional. Understanding not only the cause of the damage but how to fix it will not only address the immediate problem but ensure that the problem will not likely reoccur.


There are several issues to consider as to what causes unlevel concrete in the first place; in many cases, it’s poorly compacted soil.  Damage typically occurs within the first, five years or so of the concrete being poured, but water and weather damage can shift the soil as well, causing concrete slabs to crack, concrete steps to sink, or pool decks to lift or buckle. What could happen if you don’t repair the concrete?


Consider the following possibilities:

  • The problem always gets worse
  • It can impact the resale of your home or business
  • Water intrusion, or puddling
  • Further structural damage
  • Property devaluation
  • Home sale closing delays


These are just a few reasons to fix your sinking concrete. A concrete leveling professional can ensure the soil is properly compacted, and then start the repairs to level out an uneven concrete service.


What many homeowners and business owners don’t realize is that many times, an uneven concrete area, such as stairs, walkways, or patios, doesn’t require the entire area be ripped out and replaced. Concrete repair can be an extremely cost-effective alternative to replacement, saving an owner thousands of dollars. When looking for a company to do concrete repairs, look for the following:

  • Timely response to your inquiry.
  • Someone who specialize in concrete.
  • Experience and equipment to do the job correctly.
  • Reasonable, reliable, and insured.


Strictly Level is highly recommended!


With references supplied upon request. Unlevel concrete is indeed a hazard, but there are solutions available. Do your homework and get quotes from concrete professionals to get the hazard addressed as quickly as possible. Talk to one of our associates at Strictly Level, they can help you go over the facts, so you know where you stand. Or visit our official page at today to speak with one of our associates.

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