The Holidays Are Here: It’s Not Too Late to Fix That Porch!

The Holidays Are Here: It’s Not Too Late to Fix That Porch!

As you think about the holiday season, have you found yourself searching for ways to treat your loved ones to a welcome surprise? In Dallas TX, porch leveling provides a quick way to boost “curb appeal” in a dramatic fashion. This seemingly complex process won’t even require weeks or months to accomplish when you use Strictly Level’s convenient service!

Does Your Real Estate Show Its Age?

Over time, gradual settling in this region causes concrete sidewalks, steps, and entrances to grow lopsided, uneven, and unattractive. The front porch begins showing its age in a most unwelcome manner. A badly slanted doorstep causes many otherwise beautiful homes to appear prematurely old and poorly maintained.

As real estate prices in Dallas TX have risen during recent years, the financial consequences of a skewed front entrance and porch sometimes prove significant. Real estate sellers may discover they don’t receive attractive offers for these types of properties. The settlement of the concrete leaves older dwellings appearing asymmetrical and out of proper structural alignment. It contributes to a variety of maintenance issues.

A Wonderful Solution

Fortunately, solving the problem of porch leveling no longer requires the demolition of an existing concrete structure. In the past, contractors sometimes recommended this drastic (and potentially expensive) approach. Now you can call Strictly Level and fix this type of problem in a surprisingly brief period of time. Your loved ones will marvel at the speed of this permanent, cost-effective solution.

How do we do it? You see, Strictly Level relies upon environmentally friendly polyurethane foam. It helps us elevate sunken concrete slabs, steps, and sidewalks. This surprisingly strong material pushes sunken surfaces upwards again. The concrete appears almost brand new! Instead of demolishing a heavy concrete structure, like a front porch, we selectively drill holes to insert the foam in desired locations. Then we allow this additive to work its magic. We finish a project by quickly filling in the drilled cavities with fresh concrete. The patches dry rapidly, leaving no visible scarring on the surface.

Restore Your Home’s Lovely Appearance

Customers count on Strictly Level to assist them in restoring and revitalizing aging residential exteriors. You no longer need to accept an uneven, sunken sidewalk as an inevitable consequence of “settling” after construction. Instead, use our rapid porch leveling technology to give your property instant “curb appeal” for the festive holiday season.

Asking Strictly level to beautify your residence in Dallas TX provides a wonderful gift for hard-to-shop for family members. Treat your household to a fun holiday cruise, then return home and watch everyone’s reaction when they discover the freshly renovated front entrance. Let us elevate the sunken concrete during your vacation. Simply meet with us in person first to authorize the details of the project. You’ll delight your loved ones with this amazing holiday home improvement surprise- guaranteed!

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