What Causes a Driveway to Sink?

What Causes a Driveway to Sink?

Our driveways are one of the first things people look at when they see our home. It happens, we sometimes see a sink or pothole right in the middle of them when everything else is perfect. Our garden could be freshly pruned, our lawn crisp and mowed, our homes dawning a fresh coat of paint; however, that doesn’t cover up such a blaring flaw as a sinking driveway. While it can be hard to think of a solution yourself, there is something that can be done. Many who have this problem seek us out at Strictly level to fix this glaring eye sore through driveway raising. How does this problem happen?

The Foundation

The foundation of our homes doesn’t just affect the inside of it. While it is difficult to tell with our lawn when it comes to uneven ground, a foundation problem will be quite visible wherever there is concrete.

It all comes down to the packing stone. Before the concrete is poured over a driveway, packing stone is laid beneath it. Most driveways sink because of an improperly packed foundation that lays underneath the concrete. The driveway could also be sinking if an inadequate layer of packing stone was placed. There should be at least two inches of packing stone beneath a driveway for it to adequately prevent the concrete from sinking.

A Crack That Wasn’t Repaired

We all do this. A small imperfection shows up, and we do nothing to fix it. Few understand that this crack is a very probably sign that there’s a problem that could get worse. How can this cause sinking? Water will get into the crack and damage the ground underneath the driveway. This decay can lead to a compromised foundation, which will cause a sink hole.

A Busted Pipe

Most people have a waterline underneath their driveway. Any waterline underneath the ground can bust or break. This can cause a sink hole in much the same manner as a crack. Sometimes, the line was broken for years and just now caused enough of a problem for a sink hole to occur.

Sinking Can Happen Fast

A driveway that develops a sink hole within five years of ownership is often the result of construction workers who didn’t know what they were doing. A sink hole takes time to develop if a driveway was constructed properly. The most common mistake builders make is leaving stumps from trees that were removed underneath the driveway. These trees will eventually decay and lead to a sinking driveway.

What Can Be Done about the Problem?

We assist homeowners in Dallas TX who are suffering from foundation issues in their driveway at Strictly level. Our process involves drilling holes for injection sites in the area of the driveway that is damaged. Hoses are then pushed through these holes and polyurethane foam is injected into them. This process lifts the concrete to give it the original even appearance it once had. Driveway raising in Dallas TX has never been done better than it is a strictly level.

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